Over the years many things have happened at weddings that people now consider as traditions. But do they need to be part of every wedding?

Do Wedding Traditions Still Matter?

Shane Maple - Business Owner
Monday 5th August 2019

As a generation raised on spice girls, Beyoncé and Sex and the city I ask myself do the typical wedding traditions still matter? 

 I meet many Brides who ask the all important traditional questions, should we all be traditional or do it our own way.

 The giving away of the bride, the ceremonial bouquet toss, the cutting of cake, first dance and so many others.

Are the traditions now just cringeworthy or worthy?

I believe that traditions are important but also can be missed depending on your day.

Will 2020 bring new traditions , are we becoming too independent for the giving away of the bride?
Will we want to keep our Bouquet instead of flinging it to a group of guest to fight over as it hits the floor?
Are we even having a cake... i see so many weddings now without a cake?

 So many questions with so many different points of view. 

I’m still a strong believer of do what you want on your special day and I’m sure people will have such an amazing day they wont even notice if a few traditions are missed. Do what you want and what makes you feel happy. After all it is your big day and the guests will revel in your excitement as you go through the day.

Weddings run on a high level of adrenaline, and as long as people can see that you are having the best day ever then they tend to not notice if things are different to a wedding they have been to before. The world is also changing and evolving all the time along with traditions. In many years to come another generation could look back and question what we do now and is it relevant.

I believe with go with what you want, it is after all your day!

Shane x